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google drive sign in mobile


Nothing works without Google. We’ve had something new since Google was founded. If it weren’t for Google, we would be left behind without technology. We should thank the founder of Google for that. Google continues to provide us with new applications. Through which we can do all the work easily.  One of all such applications. My Google Drive. The use of Google Drive is increasing day by day. Let’s  know something about my google drive.

Google Drive is one such application which stores data. All that data is stored on Google’s servers. Store, access, and share securely with Google Drive, part of Google Workspace. Peaople can Easily invite others to view, edit, or leave comments on any of your files or folders.

  • With My google drive  you can:
  • Safely store and access your files anywhere
  • Quickly access recent and important files
  • Search for files by name and content
  •  My Google drive uses ?

The main use of my Google Drive is to store files permanently. If you have Google Drive in your phone, all your photos, videos and contacts and other PDFs or  Files remain saved. Even if your phone is lost or stolen, you can still get all your data just by entering an account.  For that you need to open my Google Drive.

  • How to Google drive sign in mobile ?

To start Google Drive in mobile, you first need to open a Google account. By opening a Google account, you will be able to open many Google services. Now you can google drive sign in mobile.

By opening the Google account, as per the image shown above, the square appears on the right side next to the image option. Open it. 

Then the icon as shown above will appear. Which is the icon of Google Dive. Open it and upload any of your folders or files in it. You can also save your media. It resides in Google’s servers. So there is no worry of phone storage getting full. This is how you can google drive sign in mobile.

  • My photos in google drive

Yes you can easaly save your photos in your google drive. You can see in the image below. Which is the symbol of new and plus. You can open and save any of your photos in my google drive. Photos saved in this way remain under high privacy. Because the privacy of Google is very high. So that My google drive photos is safe.

  • My google drive storage is full what can i do ?

No need to worry if your Google Drive storage is full. A Google account usually up to 15 GB data provide us. Which is called much more. However, if you want to save more data , you can get another Google Drive by creating another google account in your mobile. In this way you can easily save media files , PDF and other files in Google Drive in your mobile.

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