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What is Google Lens, how to use Google Lens and its benefits?

Google Lens: If we want to search for anything on the internet, then we have to take the help of Google. Many times it also happens that much of our work is done by Google’s product itself. There are many products of Google that we use daily. But we do not know that these are Google’s products. Like youtube, Gmail, google maps, android OS, chrome web browser, google news, google assistant etc. One such product is Google’s name, the Google lens. Usually, people use it very rarely, but, if you want to learn something in your free time, then its use is very beneficial for you.

What is Google Lens?

Open google lens app  you get on the play store. Although this app is not available for many phones, there is nothing to worry about, all the people who have Google Photo can use it.


Google assistant lens is a kind of lens that gives information about a photo by looking at it. Suppose there is a photo on your phone which is of a fort and you do not understand where this photo is from, then you just use Google lens and you will know immediately where it is.

Google Lens was launched in the year 2014 but people still do not know about it. This is a great thing for everyone because with this you can get such information which you want to know. In this, you can not only extract its information from the picture but as well as scan any code.

How does Google lens work?

As we all know that Google has all the info on the Internet. So when you want to know information about a photo and use Google lens, then Google lens scans it and then sees in its Google servers which photo is similar to it.

Then Google Lens will tell you the result. Gives information about that thing. It can tell you about a famous new building. Can tell about a tree, can tell about an animal species.

There are many other benefits of this which you can know only after using it. The more you use it, the more you will understand it.

How to use Google Lens?

First of all, you have to download and install Google Lens from Play Store. To use it, first, you have to take a photo of the thing whose information you want. After that, you have to open that photo in the Google Photos. After this, you can see options on the bottom side.


One of these will be the option of Google Lens, which will be seen near the delete option. All you have to do is click on it. It will do the rest of the work itself. After that, it will give you all the information related to this photo.

Benefits of Google Lens

There are many benefits of Google Lens that you can understand only by running it-


  • If you want, you can search the breed of an animal, the name of a flower or a leaf, the name of a building, the name of an animal, etc., whose information you need through that photo.
  • If you have a book and you are not getting its information, then you can also search for it with the help of Google Lens.
  • You are standing someplace and there is a college or hospital or any institution in front of you and you want information about it, then just scan its photo on Google lens and you will get its information.
  • If you are more interested in animals or plants and you are curious to know about them, then Google Lens can help you a lot. Suppose you found a plant or tree that you do not know about, then you can find out about it by simply taking a photo of it.


Google Lens is one of the best products of Google which increases your knowledge. If you want more information about something, then definitely use Google lens on your phone. This will not only increase your knowledge but will also give answers to the questions arising inside you. After this, you can tell anyone about the things that are around them but they do not know about them.