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Inauguration of Air Ambulance Services in Gujarat

Inauguration of Air Ambulance Services in Gujarat:

Hello  Readers of In today’s article a very important scheme which is related to health. Recently Air Ambulance has been started by Gujarat Government. For the first time in India, government aircraft were converted into air ambulances in the state of Gujarat

Purpose & Services:

  • In case of emergency, the patient will get immediate treatment by the Gujarat government’s air ambulance
  • Precious lives will be saved with an air ambulance
  • The patient will be taken to the airport
  • This service will be provided on an earlier basis


Cabinet Minister Purnesh Modi’s announcement,

air ambulance service will be started in Gujarat,

see how much fare will be charged?

Announcement to start air ambulance service in Gujarat

The government also decided to rent for the facility

Information given by Cabinet Minister Purnesh Modi

Patients in Gujarat can now avail the latest facilities and air ambulance service can be started in the state like 108 services, as the state government may sign MOU with GVK at the upcoming Vibrant Summit. Announcing this, Cabinet Minister Purnesh Modi said that a meeting of the Union Aviation Department was held on November 19 in which it was proposed to start air ambulance service in Gujarat. After getting the permission, the minister has announced in a press conference that air ambulance service will also be started through 108 in the near future. This decision of the government will be of great benefit to the injured who need immediate treatment.

How much is an air ambulance fare?

  • 50 thousand rent if ordered through 108,
  • If a person demands 65 thousand
  • If the hospital demands, 55 thousand will be charged


Purnesh Modi highlighted the issues discussed at the meeting of the Aviation Department

Addressing a press conference, Cabinet Minister Purnesh Modi said that a meeting of the Union Aviation Department was held on November 19 in which aviation ministers from each state were present. Some representations were made from Gujarat in this meeting. In which the introduction of helicopter service for Ahmedabad Darshan, survey of 6 places for sea plane, Deesa airstrip project in North Gujarat, cargo service for vegetables, problem of parking at Keshod airport, planning to build aviation park were discussed.


At the Vibrant Summit the Government and GVK will MOU

The government and GVK will sign an agreement at the Vibrant Summit, in which discussions are underway to use the old aircraft as an air ambulance. A special service of air ambulance for patients will be started using the old aircraft B2100 of the state government.

The government’s old aircraft B2100 will be used:

Approval has been sought from DGCA for B2100 air ambulance. If approved, the government will provide facility to patients in need of air ambulance but in return the government will also charge operating fee from the patients. Registration will have to be done, in which approval will be sought from the government on the basis of 108 registrations.


The aviation activity in the state was started in the year 1973 by a separate division in G.A.I.C. In the beginning, this division was started with a purpose to help the farmers by aerial spraying on various crops like; sugar cane, cotton, ground-nut, tuvar, etc. by helicopter and fixed wing Aircraft. By these activities, the farmers were benefited in many ways. When there was shortage of rain, cloud seeding operation was also carried out by aircraft for making artificial rain. The state has made G.A.I.C as its nodal agency to carry out activities of Civil Aviation Department. This has been done so as to meet demand of higher office in efficient manner. In year 2002 the state felt that it was turn to have aviation as a separate department.

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