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Apply for Tractor Loan For Scheduled Tribes(ST) Online 2022

Apply for Tractor Loan For Scheduled Tribes(ST) Online 2022: ટ્રેકટર લોન યોજના

Dear reader friends, has come back to you today with valuable information. In today’s article we have totalk about Scheduled Tribes also  known as VanBandhu. Today we will discuss about their scheme.

Various schemes are run by Gujarat Tribal Development Corporation. This corporation was established for the welfare of “VanBandhu”. Loan schemes are given to the tribal citizens living in the forest area of ​​Gujarat or anywhere in the state to become self-reliant. This article will provide detailed information about the tractor loan provided by the Scheduled Tribes citizens by NSTFDC. Stay tuned to for information on how to apply for a tractor loan, where documents are required for it, etc.

Tractor loan will be provided by National Scheduled Tribe Finance and Development Corporate. This loan scheme is given to the citizens of the tribe. Citizens of ST caste are provided by Adijati Nigam Gujarat to take the required tractor for farming. The purpose of this scheme, how much loan you can get, how much interest rate you have to pay etc., we will get through the article of

The purpose of the tractor loan scheme:

Gujarat Tribal Corporation runs various loan schemes and other schemes for the citizens of the tribe. The economic condition of the Scheduled Tribes is not good. These loans are given by the corporation so that they do not have to take loans at high interest rates from banks or other institutions. This tractor loan is given under NSTFDC to raise the standard of living. So as to become self-sufficient.

Points  Of Tractor Loan For Scheduled Tribes(ST) Scheme:

Name of the Scheme Tractor Loan For Scheduled Tribes(ST) Scheme
Purpose of the Scheme Purchasing a tractor for financial assistance,Loan Assistance Beneficiary of  for the purchase of tractors to ST  farmers under this scheme.
Beneficiary Citizens Of Scheduled Tribes of Gujarat
Loan Amount Loan of Rs. 6 lakhs for purchase of tractor under the scheme
Interest rate  on Loan 6% interest rate on Loan
Official Website Click here
Apply Online Click here

Tractor Loan Qualification and Eligibility:

Loans are provided by Adijati Vikas Vibhag Gujarat under Tractor Scheme. Eligibility and eligibility for this loan is determined in advance.

The applicant should be a citizen of native Gujarat.

The applicant should be of tribe

The applicant must have a valid driving license.

Beneficiary’s family annual income should not be more than 120000 / – and for urban area 150000 / -.

You have to apply online for the benefit of this scheme.

Loans available under Tractor Loan Scheme:

Schedule Tribal is given to the people by Tribal Development Department Gujarat. Under this scheme loan up to a total of Rs. 6,00,000 / – is given. In which the beneficiary has to contribute at the rate of 5% of the total loan.

Interest rate on tractor loan:

Loans are given to Scheduled Tribes by the Tribal Corporation. On which you will get a loan with an annual interest rate of 6%.

The loan taken by the beneficiary should be repaid in 20 quarterly installments with interest.

Delay in repaying the loan obtained by the beneficiary will have to be repaid with additional 2.50% penalty interest.

Document Required for Tractor Loan Scheme

The following are some of the documents prescribed by Adijati Nigam for this loan scheme.

Certificate of Scheduled Castes of Gujarat (Example of Mamlatdar / Social Welfare Officer or Competent Officer)

Copy of ration card

Bank account passbook

Online application

Proof of property submitted by the applicant (including land 7/12 and 8-A or building documents and property card which is recent and without burden

7/12 and 8-A of Zamindar-1 or building documents and property card

7/12 and 8-A of Zamindar-2 or building documents and property card

If the shop is its own / rented as a place of business, its details. If it is a rental shop, then rent agreement

Government Approved Valuation Valuation Report on Property submitted by Zamindar-1

Government Approved Valuation Valuation Report on Property submitted by Zamindar-2

We will get step by step information on how to fill the tractor loan scheme form given to farmers through this article of Whose information is as follows.

First go to Google Search and type “Adijati Vikas Nigam”.

 In which the Official Website of Gujarat Tribal Development Corporation will open.

Click on the “Apply for Loan” button at the top of the Home Page.

Clicking on that button will open a new page called “Gujarat Tribal Development Corporation”.

If you are applying for a loan for the first time, you will need to create your personal I.D. by clicking on “Register Here”.

After creating your personal login, you will have to enter your login ID and password in “Login here” and login.

For direct apply

For Login Click here

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