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You Will Get A Benefit Of RS. 30 Lakhs Insurance Coverage


You Will Get A Benefit Of RS. 30 Lakhs Insurance Coverage:

50 lakh for death in case of  gas cylinder rupture or blast or break  and , 40 lakh for injuries


If you use an LPG gas cylinder, you should know about the insurance you get on it. According to the information available on the gas companies’ website, this insurance cover provides insurance up to Rs 50 lakh in case of loss of life or property in any type of accident due to cylinder. The entire cost of the cylinder insurance is borne by the respective oil companies.

50 lakh on death and 40 lakh on injuredInsurance cover of Rs 40 lakh is covered in case of an accident, while a claim of Rs 50 lakh can be made in case of death due to cylinder rupture or blast. A maximum compensation of Rs 10 lakh can be given to each person who is the victim of an accident.

Who can take insurance?
Petroleum companies, Indian Oil, Hindustan Petroleum and distributors of Bharat Petroleum have to get this insurance. These people have to take out insurance policy for accidents including third party insurance cover forpeople who are their customers and other assets.

How to claim on Insurance ?
The customer has to report to the police station and LPG distributor within 30 days in case of any accident. To claim the sum insured, a copy of the FIR, a bill for the expenses incurred for the treatment of the injured and a report in case of death are to be kept. After giving the information, the concerned officer investigates the cause of the accident and if the accident is caused by LPG, the distributor informs the gas company.

Who pays the insurance claim?
When you report an accident to your LPG distributor, they report it to the related  oil company and insurance company. It is the distributor who helps the customer complete the required formalities for the claim. The distributor and customer service cell have all the details.

It is necessary to check the expiry date of the cylinder for insurance
The cylinder is insured at the time of purchase, which is linked to the expiry date of the cylinder. Often people buy it without checking the expiry date. In such a case, no consumer is grant to an insurance claim.

How to check expiration date of gas cylinder?
Something like D-20 is written on each gas cylinder where the regulator is fitted. That is the expiration date of the gas cylinder. The D-20 here means that the expiration date of the gas cylinder is December 2020. Then using this gas cylinder can be dangerous. Such cylinders can cause gas leakage and other problems. A, B, C, D are written on one of the three bars that the regulator has on the gas cylinder. The gas company distributes each letter in 3 months. Here A means January to March and B means April to June. Similarly C means July to September and D means October to December

For more information about this insurance policy based on gas cylinder people or the customer also visit to their gas companies distributors .

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