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FaceApp Privacy:What You Need To Know About Viral Russian App

FaceApp Privacy:What You Need To Know About Viral Russian App:

Nowadays this age is age of innovation and the age of technology and research and most important is  The Internet is full of new discoveries and such a  useful applications.people used to many applications in regular life .

                        Some applications are most useful to human .but some application harmful to us .The fact is that we never read or seen conditions and agreement of application .We always click on agree and start the application but sometimes some application steal oe theft your private data and spying on you. like this FACEAPP: VIRAL RUSSIAN APP is not safe for us. 

Face-changing app FaceApp went viral last year as people used its old filter to find out what they’d look like in 50 years. Now, the app is back with a new gender-swapping filter that’s once again taking social media by storm

FaceApp is certainly a fun app, but is it a danger to your privacy?

The facts about FaceApp:
FaceApp was launched in 2017, but it wasn’t until its resurgence last year that concerns were raised about the Russian owned app having access to potentially millions of photos. At the time, a closer look revealed that Russian owned FaceApp wasn’t all that bad—the risks were hyped, as they often are with anything that goes viral.But in December last year, the FBI issued a warning about FaceApp, saying FaceApp and other apps developed in Russia are “potential counterintelligence threat.”

Many  Questions  On  FaceApp’s privacy:
It’s not long since FaceApp came crashing back into the mainstream, and people are again concerned. This week, the Washington Post ran an article raising questions about the app—what data does FaceApp collect, what is FaceApp doing with this information, who has access to it, and how can your data be deleted?

Like many other apps, FaceApp does include trackers from Facebook and AdMob, and users in Russia may have their data stored in the country. But FaceApp owner Yaroslav Goncharov is adamant that the app does not share data with Russian authorities.

At the same time, it wouldn’t be crazy to think an app that collected people’s photos might store it for use in the future for, I don’t know, facial recognition? Again, Goncharov says no. When Goncharov and I exchanged some emails and he told me: “We do not use the photos for any reason other than to provide the editing functionality.”

Meanwhile, he underscored that FaceApp deletes photos from its cloud servers within 24 to 48 hours after they are last edited. All photos are encrypted using a key stored locally on your device—they are only temporarily cached on the app’s cloud servers during the editing process.

Breaking down FaceApp’s privacy policy
FaceApp’s privacy policy has been recently updated to reflect some more stringent controls . policy is “pretty solid and reassuring” because it states explicitly that uploaded photos will only be used for the app itself and not shared or re-used for any other reason.

So friends i assured that may be this app is not safe for us .However, that doesn’t mean FaceApp is risk free—with any free service, such as Google and Facebook, you are giving up some data in exchange for its use.