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LIC Kanya Dan Yojana


LIC Kanya Dan Yojana:

LIC Kanyadan Policy 2022 has been launched by Life Insurance Company. This policy has been introduced mainly for all the daughters of the country. The investment made by the LIC Kanyadan policy will be for the education and marriage of the daughter. The term of investment in the policy is 25 years. The amount of premium payment is Rs. 121, which is Rs. Will be 3600. Under this policy, on completion of the term of the policy, an amount of Rs. 27 lakhs will be provided for marriage and education of daughters. This important policy has been introduced under LIC for the golden and bright  future of daughters. Today, through this article, we will provide you information about LIC Kanyadan Policy 2022, registration form, eligibility and benefits.

LIC Kanyadan Policy Yojana 2022:

Under LIC Kanyadan Policy Yojana, the policy can  purchased in the name of the daughter for a period of 25 or 13 years. Beneficiary will have to pay premium for 3 years as per the term selected under LIC Kanyadan Policy Scheme. Under the scheme, any citizen of the country will get Rs. Up to can be insured. The age of the father of the daughter according to policy under the policy should be between 18 years and 50 years. And the minimum age of the daughter should be 1 year. LIC Kanyadan Policy Scheme. The beneficiary will also get the benefit of taking it separately and it will be based on the age of the father and daughter, reducing the term of the policy. To avail the benefits of this scheme, the applicant has to apply in the scheme.

Scheme LIC Kanyadan Policy
Beneficiary All girls of our country
Scheme Was Started By LIC Of India
Benefit on completion of the term of the policy, an amount of Rs. 27 lakhs will be provided
Duration Of Policy 13 Years  and 25 years
Official Website

Objectives of LIC Kanyadan Policy 2022

The main objective or purpose  of the LIC Kanyadan policy is to invest more and more for the golden future of the daughter, the amount invested through this policy can be used for the education and marriage of the daughters. Under this scheme, the father will not have to face any financial problem to get his daughter married. The father of the daughter can avail the benefit of taking a policy of at least one lakh rupees in the scheme according to his income. Under this policy, the dreams of daughters will come true. He can continue her studies with the help of financial funds invested for higher education.

All future needs can be easily done  by contributing to this policy. With this the girls will be able to realize their future dreams by getting higher income group education.

Features of Life Insurance Corporation Kanyadan Policy 2022:

  •  Life Insurance Corporation Kanyadan policy, any person can buy the policy according to his income.
  • Life risk cover will be provided for 3 years before maturity under the policy.
  • If a person dies after taking the policy, his family will not have to pay premium in this policy.
  • By the policy, LIC will pay Rs 1 lakh per year to his family by the company and after the expiry of the 25 year policy, the policy nominee will be paid Rs 27 lakh.
  • All financial problems of to girl’s marriage can be solved by investing in this policy.

Benefits of LIC Kanyadan Policy 2022:

  1. Under the policy, if an insured dies, he will be paid Rs 5 lakh by the company.
  2. In case of accidental death of the insured, a financial amount of Rs. 10 lakhs will be paid to the family of the beneficiary.
  3. The insured also gets the benefit of getting bonus from LIC company every year.
  4. If a person contributes Rs. 75 per day to the scheme, after completion of 25 years, this amount will be given to the beneficiary up to Rs. 14 lakhs.
  5. Under the scheme, if the insured dies during a period of 25 years, 10% of the sum insured will be paid to his family every year.

Required Documents of Kanyadan Niti Yojana 2022 (Eligibility):

  1. aadhar card
  2. Income certificate
  3. Voter ID card
  4. Birth certificate
  5. address proof
  6. Passport size photo
  7. Properly filled and signed form of f the scheme
  8. Check or cash to pay the first premium
  9. Applicants must be between 18 and 50 years of age to be eligible for this scheme.
  10. The premium will be collected for 13 to 25 years in the policy.

How To Apply For  LIC Kanyadan Policy 2022?

  • First , the applicant should contact the nearest branch of Life Insurance Corporation of India in his area.
  • You can apply for a policy in this scheme only through LIC branch.
  • From the LIC branch, you can get information about the scheme from the LIC agent ,getting all the information you have to get the application form from the branch to apply and after you have to fill  all the information given in the form.
  • After filling all the information, a scanned copy of all the documents  along with the form should be attached with the form and the form should be submitted to the office.
  • This will complete your application process.

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