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Electricity Bill Low Tips

Is the Electricity bill high? Follow these tips; Even after running AC, the bill will come less than half


Electricity Bill: The month of April has started and the day temperature has started increasing. In many areas of the country, the day temperature has started reaching between 35 and 39 degrees. The heat is expected to increase rapidly in the coming days due to El Nino. The increase in heat simply means that the use of more power-consuming appliances like fans, ACs and fridges will increase.


Generally, the electricity bill increases by 2 to 3 times in the summer season as compared to the cold. Most people are worried about the electricity bill in summer. If you want to reduce this increased electricity bill a bit, then you can think of some measures from now on, adopting which your electricity bill can be reduced by 20 to 30 per cent.



Electricity Bill on AC –

In summer, the cost of electricity is the highest in running the air conditioner at home or office. If it is managed properly then good savings can be made. If you have installed 1.5 ton AC in the house and run it for 8 hours on an average daily, then the normal AC consumes more than 9 units of electricity.


That is, saving 2 units of electricity daily. If you run AC for 8 hours a day for 4 months, then 240 units will be saved. If it is added at the rate of Rs 6.25 per unit, then there can be an annual savings of Rs 1500.




The cost of lighting the light wills behalf –

Before the start of summer, replace the old bulbs and tube lights of the house with CFL or LED. A 5 watt LED gives the same illumination as a 20 watt CFL. Similarly, the illumination of an 18 watt CFL can be equivalent to a 40-watt tube light. That is, with these measures, the cost of lighting your lights can be halved.



Fan –

Lights are lit only at night, but in summer the fan has to be run throughout the day. If on average you run the fan for 8 hours a day, then the cost of a fan can be close to 1000 rupees annually.

If you use a BEE-rated fan, then this cost will be between Rs 700 to 750. If there is a super-efficient fan, then this cost will be around Rs 500.


Choose the right fridge; there will be so many savings –

About 15 per cent of the total electricity consumption is consumed in the fridge alone. It is on all the time in most homes. You can make your fridge power efficient.

First of all, its placement should be correct and keep a gap of 2 inches between the wall and the fridge. Due to air circulation, it requires a little less power to function.


The old 260-litre fridge can consume about 3.5 units of electricity per day, while a fridge of the same size with a 5-star rating will consume 2 units of electricity per day. That is, by replacing the fridge, 540 units of electricity consumption can be reduced every year. That is, you can save 3000 rupees annually.


Laptop instead of desktop –

Use a laptop instead of a desktop at home. On running normally, the annual cost of a desktop can come close to Rs 4,000. Whereas this expenditure on the laptop will be around 1,200 to 1,500 rupees.



Cooler – 

Buy a cooler from a good company based on inverter technology. It will consume 50 per cent less electricity than the normal coolers available in the market. Where a cooler with a normal 200-watt motor is run daily for 12 hours, then it consumes about 100 units of electricity in a month. But if a cooler of modern technology is used in its place, then only about 60 units will be consumed monthly.