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What is Android Phone? History, Advantages & Disadvantages of Android

Today, we will read about “What is Android Phone? History, Advantages and Disadvantages of Android “. Without wasting time let’s start today’s blog topic- google pixel launcher droid x

What is Android?

The first question that comes to mind related to Android is, ‘What is Android?’ Let us tell you that Android is an operating system.

The operating system is the system through which we can operate our mobile.

Android is an O. S. based on ‘The Linux Kernel’, which is designed keeping in mind the Smartphone.

Today most of the people in the world use Android Phones based on Android Operating System.

According to a survey, about 72.26% of people in the world use Android phones and if we talk about India, then about 94.02% of Indians use Android phones.

History of Android:-

Many people believe that Google has created Android. But let us tell you that, Google has not made ‘Android’.

  • In the year 2003, ‘Andy Rubin, Nick Sears, Rich Miner and Chris White’ together formed a company called ‘Android INC’.
  • In July 2005, Google bought Android INC, and after that Andy Rubin and his team started a short work of creating an ‘Android operating system’ together with ‘Google’.
  • On November 12, 2007, Google introduced the world’s first “Android operating system (Android OS)” to the public, announcing.
  • It was a “beta version” that was designed to run mobile key applications and software.
  • Google along with HTC and T-Mobile launched the first Android smart phone in the year 2008, named “HTC Dream G2”.

After this Google gave many innovative updates to this Android operating system. In these android versions, different numbers and names were kept every time. Google published google pixel launcher droid x.
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google pixel launcher droid x Android Root:-

If you want to add cracked or advanced features to your Android phone, then you have to Root.

The root is done with Apps or software, in which you can do more like IMEI Number, Ram Boost, and Cracking Apps.

For that, you will need an app.

Advantages of Android Mobile Phones:-

  • Now everyone can stay in touch with the mobile phone.
  • We can reach any place with the GPS system of the mobile phone.
  • In this era, the mobile phone has become a means of entertainment.
  • For entertainment, we can do many things like singing, film, games on our mobile phones.
  • In this era, you can also order food from the mobile phone.
  • We can also check our email from our mobile phones.
  • In this era, we can get information from all over the world by having internet on mobile phones.
  • By having a camera on a mobile phone, we can snap pictures from all over the world.
  • We also get a flashlight in the mobile phone, which we can also use instead of the touch light.

Popular Android phone:

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Disadvantages of Android mobile phones-

  • In this era, due to mobile phones, the education and writing of the students become very weak.
  • Mobile phones make people’s minds weak.
  • Nowadays everyone keeps their confidential information on mobile phones, which can be lost due to mobile hacking.
  • At this age, children can get wrong information due to the internet on mobile phones.
  • Right now people even allow injured children to use mobile phones, due to which their mental behavior can deteriorate.